legal fees

Before we do any work for you, we will provide you with information as to the charges for our services.
Depending upon the nature of the legal services required, we will usually charge you in one of the following two methods:

1.Hourly Rate based upon the number of hours (or portions of an hour) we devote to your legal matter, plus reimbursement for all costs/disbursements.
2.Fixed Fee for a specific task/project, plus costs/disbursements.

In all instances, we will require you to pay us a retainer fee (a downpayment) that will be applied against our charges for legal services and costs/disbursements incurred in connection with the services we shall be rendering on your behalf.

Monthly Plan

If you have the need for frequent legal advice and/or services on a continuing basis, we can offer you a monthly plan.

Advantages of Monthly Plan
  1. You have the option of receiving legal advice by email, phone or fax.
  2. As one of our preferred clients, your legal matters will receive priority attention.
  3. We will always be available to serve you in connection with your legal matters.